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Cinefantasy Festival

Il festival si svolge in Località: São Paulo, Brazil

Date svolgimento: 11/06 - 11/15 2009
Hi! I am the curator of Cinefantasy, an international fantasy film festival dedicated to horror, sci-fi and fantasy short films.
The Cinefantasy Festival is an international event that reaches its 4th edition with a Short Film competitive session, special shorts and features screenings, premières, Conferences with filmmakers, national and international guests, lectures, workshops, and more.

Call for submissions to the competitive session of the 4th Cinefantasy will occur from May 18th through September 11th. Films must be up to 20 minutes long and must contain elements of fantasy. What is fantasy? Supernatural unreal stories. They may be horror, sci-fi or fantasy films. Professionals and beginners are invited to enroll.

The Competitive Session will award 12 categories:
Best Horror Short Film
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Best Fantasy Short Film
Choice of the audience award
Student Incentive Award
Beginners Incentive Award
Best Director
Best Creature
Best Make-up
Best Special Effects
Best Music Score
Best Screenplay

During this same period we also accept submissions for something gloomier. The MASTER OF THE SCREAM contest has its first edition during the 4th Cinefantasy. It will be only one session where the winner is the film that scares the audience more. Films submitted to the MASTER OF THE SCREAM contest must be up to 5 minutes long and, of course, really scary.
The 4th Cinefantasy takes place at São Paulo, Brazil, from 6th to 15th of November.

For more information, entry form and guidelines please visit
E-mail: -
Facebook: CineFantasy SpFestival


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